Understanding Chronic Care Management & Its Benefits

Understanding Chronic Care Management & Its Benefits

Chronic diseases are conditions that have long-term effects on the individual. Sometimes, these diseases can have a spiraling effect on patients, leading to other physical or mental health issues.

Allowing a family doctor in the RGV to create a chronic care treatment plan may be just what you need to develop a healthy lifestyle.

But do you know what chronic care is and if you qualify for treatment management options? Your local family doctor at Healthy Lifestyles RGV Medical Clinic will be able to provide you with the support you need to obtain this form of treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about chronic care management and how you can benefit from this special treatment plan.

What Is Chronic Care?

Chronic care is a specialized form of care to help with treating your chronic conditions. Chronic care management is a detailed plan designed to fit your exact needs, providing you the support needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your management team can help in different aspects of the care process and may include your primary physician overseeing your care, a physician’s assistant, and a nurse.

Who Can Benefit From This Treatment?

People who have long-term health conditions generally qualify for chronic care management. This form of treatment is especially beneficial for those in need of extra care and support to assist in their quality of life.

Individuals with the following conditions are good candidates for chronic care management:

• Alzheimer’s
• Arthritis
• Cancer
• Depression
• Hypertension

What Treatment Does Chronic Care Include?

If you noticed in the list above, some of these conditions include mental as well as physical conditions, and that is because chronic care can serve a wide range of issues.

Your chronic care management team will design a plan that covers the patient’s needs, including:

• Medication management for related conditions
• Visits and treatments for specific needs
• Communication needs between the patient and providers

Compex Vs. Non-Complex Chronic Care

Complex and non-complex chronic care treatments have a few notable differences.

Complex chronic care management usually includes more than two diagnosed chronic conditions that are expected to last longer or until death. They usually involve a larger team and more extensive planning.

Non-complex chronic cases are just as critical as complex conditions and deserve attention as well. Non-complex cases are those that are not anticipated to last as long as complex cases. They also do not always involve more than two diagnoses. Non-complex cases should still receive the best possible care.

How Does Chronic Management Help?

Whether you have non-complex or complex chronic care needs, these specialized plans designed just for you should help provide you with a healthier lifestyle. Your chronic care management team can help lift a load off you by providing a comprehensive guide to available treatments and continued care, including:

• Personal communication throughout your journey
• Same healthcare providers for all treatments
• Treatment plans to attend to current conditions
• Preventative treatment to avoid further issues

“Where Do I Go For Chronic Care Treatment?” Call the RGV Medical Clinic!

Chronic care management is an amazing treatment plan for those with chronic conditions that can aid in improving an individual’s quality of life! These plans are different for everyone, which allows them to better target each person’s specific needs!

Healthy LifeStyles RGV Medical Clinic offers chronic care management services. Our caring team would love the opportunity to assist you in your chronic care needs today.

You may qualify for a chronic care treatment plan. Call Healthy Lifestyles RGV Medical Clinic to get started today!

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