Don’t Sacrifice Your Healthy Lifestyle This Thanksgiving

Don’t Sacrifice Your Healthy Lifestyle This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reconnect with friends and family over a meal.

The rich foods and desserts are undeniably tasty, but many may feel like they need to choose between their healthy lifestyle and partaking in their favorite treats.

There’s good news, though! You don’t need to skip out on that delicious Thanksgiving meal; if you make good choices, you can have your favorite foods without needing to sacrifice your health goals. It’s all about small changes to your plate that can add up to a much healthier holiday.

Have a Snack Before Dinner

The easiest way to overeat is to come to the Thanksgiving table ravenous. Even the healthiest dishes can be too much if you gorge yourself, so make sure to have a filling breakfast with lean protein in the morning.

If your family tends to serve dinner later or skips lunch, a small snack such as nuts or yogurt is the perfect option to tide you over. Don’t be afraid to opt for light appetizers as well. Carrots and hummus count as healthy eating any time of year, but you can also enjoy vegetable-based soups like butternut squash soup.

Cook Lighter Options or Bring a Healthy Dish

If you’ll be cooking the Thanksgiving meal, you can easily make sure to include lighter options of traditional favorites. Even skipping out on all the cream can help lighten many Thanksgiving staples.

Simple changes, like using fewer marshmallows or less brown sugar on the sweet potatoes, can make the dishes much healthier without sacrificing a familiar flavor.

If you won’t be cooking, you can still bring some options for anyone who wants to stick with healthy eating during the holiday. Bring a winter salad with a light dressing or swap out a healthy dessert. Pumpkin pie is already the healthiest traditional dessert, but you can easily make an apple crumble and skip all the extra carbs from the pie crust.

Be Mindful When Making Your Plate

The best way to stick to your healthy lifestyle during the holidays is to watch what you are eating. Make sure most of your plate is made up of vegetables, and try to make a colorful plate for a wider range of nutrients.

Thankfully, you don’t need to skip on those starchy favorites like mashed potatoes or miss out on the turkey. Skinless turkey is a healthy protein you can enjoy. You can also reduce the portion size of starches or less healthy dishes while still enjoying them.

In fact, you don’t need to skip out on Grandma’s famous pie, just take a smaller slice. Don’t forget to listen to your hunger cues and stop eating once you are full. There will likely be plenty of leftovers for you to enjoy later on.

Don’t Lay Around After Your Meal

Relaxing on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner is a long-standing tradition, but it shouldn’t be if you want to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Even something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood can help you digest your meal and feel better.

If your meal is earlier in the day, the evening is the perfect time for getting active. You can take a bike ride or invite your family to play a favorite sport while you are all gathered together.

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