September is Healthy Aging Month, and to celebrate, your RGV family medical clinic wants to give you all the info you need to age healthier with these 5 tips.

Fighting Your Springtime Allergies

For the past two years, it has been frowned upon to leave your house if you’ve had any signs of illness. Sneezing into your sleeve can get you a dirty look, blowing your nose into tissue will have families scattering out of grocery aisles, and coughing … don't even think about coughing.

Well, spring is just around the corner, and that means flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and people who experience seasonal allergies aren’t going to catch a break.

Thankfully, your local family doctor at Healthy Lifestyles RGV Medical Clinic wants to provide you with a few tips to win that fight against pollen.

A Few Pointers To Beat the Pollen

1: Flush It Out
Let’s start with the oldest tip in the book. Using a neti pot, tilt your head to the side and forward above a sink, and allow distilled saltwater to go up your nose and out the other nostril. As uncomfortable as it sounds, this method expunges built-up pollen and other allergens, leaving you with a bit of relief.

2: Clean Up Your Home’s Air
Your home’s AC brings in air from the outside and scatters it throughout the house, keeping you cool and refreshed. But dirty filters can leave your home pollen-infested, creating a seasonal allergy party that you can’t shut down.

Keep your filters clean and your fans off. Fans blow dust, pollen, hair, and other allergens around your house, making every area a horror story for people suffering from seasonal allergies.

While you’re at it, there’s no better way to clean up your air than with an air purifier.

3: No Allergens Welcome
Make your home allergy-proof and get rid of those toxic allergens. Trust us, you’re better off without them:

Carpets are a no-go. They collect dust like it’s going out of style, so opt for tile or hardwood flooring with minimal area rugs.
Get rid of your pets. Just kidding, but it’s best to keep them off any furniture to avoid allergens on their fur from shedding everywhere.
Clean regularly. Keeping your home clean and dust-free means fewer allergy attacks and fewer allergens being moved around via AC, clothing, or hair. Spring cleaning includes regularly washing bed sheets, comforters, and pillowcases, considering that’s where you spend your entire night.
Allergen-free is the way to be. Since we’re on the subject, anti-allergen covers for pillows, mattresses, and sofas are great ways to keep those important furniture pieces clean and dust-free.

4: Get a Head Start on Your Allergy Medication
Taking medication when it’s not needed sounds like something you aren’t supposed to do. However, getting a jump on allergy medication a month before spring starts allows you to put a stop to the immune system response before it starts.

Most allergy medications work against the naturally produced chemical histamine that causes your body to have an allergic reaction.

Visit Your Local Family Doctor at Healthy Lifestyles RGV Medical Center

Speaking of allergy medication, visit your local family doctor to learn what medication would work best for you. If your allergies are persistent and refuse to subside, you may need further treatment to detect the cause of your reactions.

If you experience seasonal allergies, talk to our family medical providers to get relief.

To schedule your seasonal allergy appointment, reach out to your local family doctors at Healthy Lifestyles RGV Medical Clinic.

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